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Paladin Equine, 500mL

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Paladin Equine

Our Equine Athletic Formula comes recommended by some of the top breeders in Canada and across the  United States. The formula helps improve the horses' attitude, clear nasal phlegm, increase appetite and much more. Its effects on the immune system are considerable. 

Many folks use 40cc for 2 days and then drop down to 15 or 10cc every day. Some horses that taken Paladin has also shown an improvement in attitude. Eating habits have been reported to change with an increase in appetite. Some hides have turned from dull to shiny.

For Ulcers: 40cc / day for 5 days then drop to 20cc / day
Coughs and mucus: 40cc / day for 5 days then drop back to 20cc / day
Shipping Fever: 25cc / 4-5 days before ship then 20cc every 8 hours during shipment.
Workouts: 25cc / day for 3 days before a workout. 20cc for every 2 hours after a workout.