Questions about Three Feather Farms

What makes you different from other companies?

Three Feather Naturals™/Three Feather Farms is vertically integrated, controlling the product from seed to harvest and through post-harvest handling, extraction and quality control. We oversee all aspects of the operation and our controlled growing conditions ensure a consistent product year to year. With ongoing research we hope to improve our product even further.

What does that mean to me as a customer?

We hope it conveys confidence. Three Feather Farms has worked very hard to become your source of excellent quality Echinacea tinctures.

Why choose Three Feather products?

Three Feather Farms has developed proprietary cultivation, harvest, post-harvest handling, drying, grinding and extraction methods that ensure we have a very high quality product produced from E. angustifolia. The result is an excellent and reproducible high quality tincture.

What determines TFN's pricing schedule?

You are able to taste the results and reap the benefits of a very carefully made product with our assurance that it is the best it can be. We have evaluated other commercial products extensively and feel our value is justified. You will find that our price schedule is competitive with the market and delivers higher quality consistently. Please contact us for pricing schedules, based on volume we are able to adjust prices accordingly. Think of our Echinacea tincture as you would a fine wine. Great care is taken in plant selection, growing under closely monitored conditions, harvesting the plant under optimal conditions and producing a consistent formulation year to year. What we can share with you is our assurance that our tincture is not easily duplicated.