Our People

“Ongoing research allows us to improve the quality and efficacy of our superior Echinacea tincture, and to make strides in new areas, such as equine health. To date, we have had impressive results with the topical application of our tincture on typical horse wounds.”

Furthering Education

Three Feather Farms has received substantial federal government funding to help pay the fees required by University of Alberta students to advance their degrees. These students are supervised by accredited University scientists who also work toward our goals. These young students are passionate about their work and are determined to be a credit to their chosen field. That is the kind of dedication that moves us closer to our goals. We wish them all great success.

The Academic Team

Dr. Robert (Bob) Ippolito
Processing and Production Manager, Three Feather

Dr. Ippolito has 30 years of work experience in the chemical industry. He has a broad range of experience in process and analytical methods development, medicinal chemistry, natural products isolation and characterization, facility development and management. He has a broad cross section of issued patents for both process development and chemical entities with medicinal properties. He is very familiar with the good manufacturing methods required for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and natural health products and all aspects of their regulatory components.

Dr. Marleny Aranda Saldaña
Food/Bio-Engineering Processing, Sub/super-critical Fluid Technology & Natural Products

Research focuses on emerging and conventional processing technologies like extraction, fractionation, reaction, etc and the use of near-critical and super-critical water to treat agricultural materials and byproducts for use in nutraceutical, food and industrial applications; mathematical modeling and computer simulations of unit operations.

Dr. Dan Barreda

Research focuses on how inflammatory mechanisms of immunity contribute to health and the prevention of disease. Program applies innate immune parameters as early bio-markers of health for efficacy testing of upcoming functional ingredients.

Dr. Andreas Schieber
Canada Research Chair, Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals

Dr. Schieber’s research is centered around the extraction, chemical characterization and application of plant-derived functional compounds. He is particularly interested in the utilization of by-products of fruit, vegetable, and oil-seed processing and in the elucidation of the reactions of secondary plant metabolites in foods and model systems. Another area of interest is the development of methods for quality and authenticity control of functional foods and natural health products using hyphenated techniques such as fast HPLC-MS/MS.