Our Facilities

Three Feather Farms

At Three Feather Farms, our isolated, controlled growing environment eliminates typical concerns associated with growing Echinacea plants. Once harvested, our premium quality plant components are extracted, filtered and processed at state-of-the-art facilities.
Three Feather Farms/Naturals is a vertically integrated enterprise. We control 100% of our operation, from growing Echinacea to the production of tincture—seed to bottle—and take pride in our high standards. This pride is reflected in the quality of the product we offer you, our customers. Our farm near Sherwood Park, Alberta, houses specialized growing facilities that have evolved significantly over the years. We meet the challenge of growing the most desirable Echinacea Augustifolia plants and producing the very best Echinacea tincture. The pursuit of excellence in every aspect of Echinacea Augustifolia production is our objective.