Echinacea – Ongoing Research

Through dedicated R & D activities, we continue to improve the production and formulation of our proprietary Echinacea tincture. At the same time, we sponsor and encourage research that not only supports known uses of Echinacea, but uncovers new applications for this healing herb.

From a health focus, this important scientific-based work ranges from general human immune system response to applications in veterinary science, including equine health.


Advancements in Equine (Horse) Health Care

One of the areas in which we have made exciting discoveries is horse health care. Our Echinacea tincture has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties as well as improved wound healing in horses, among other significant uses.

Paladin Equine Formulas are here!

We have developed two new products for the Equine Health care market. Paladin Athletic Equine Formula and Paladin XT topical Formula. Both these new products are very beneficial to horse health in different ways. Paladin Athletic Equine Formula is effective against reduced breathing capacity and improves overall demeanor. Paladin XT Topical Formula is an effective topical gel that works for cuts, abrasions, and skin fungus. To learn more about these products please contact us.